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• 3/9/2017

Staff Ranks

This format has been taken from the Minecraft Pocket Edition Wiki with the request of an administrator

Hello! Staff are needed on this wiki. Well, these are the available staff positions. Wait! Apply for them here. Once you have applied, after about 3-4 days, there will be a voting process.

Now here are available positions:

  • Chat Moderator & Rollback
  • Content Moderator
  • Discussions Moderator

OK. Take a look at the format. Also mark questions in bold. All of the parts are obligatory.


  • Role: Bureaucrat
  • Edits: 777
  • Mainspace Edits: 555
  • Why you think you need this position:
  • Question:

OK, after, if you win, you will have a 2-3 day trial of the role. If the community likes it you keep it. If we don't, pass it on to the next place. Ready?

Well, go!

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• 3/7/2017

Role: Discussions Moderator

Edits: 30

Mainspace: 3

Why?: I am a trusted user and have experience in coding and being a member of staff.

• 3/7/2017

Role: Discussions Mod

Edits : 12

Mainspace : 4

Reason : I can patrol the comments, looking out for spam and vandals. I can easily deal with vandals, by giving a warning and advice about the mistake they made. I know how to code, but not necessary all the codes.

• 3/9/2017

Turns out the elections'll have to be cancelled. Sorry! It will open again once more users come.