Not to be confused with Mini Ghasts.

Baby Ghast
A Baby Ghast
Type Hostile
Health 10 HP
Attack Strength 2
Drops 0-1 Gunpowder
Modded? Yes (Special Mobs Mod)

Baby Ghasts are hostile mobs that are spawned by the Queen Ghast.


Baby Ghasts can be spawned by the Queen Ghast, or with a Baby Ghast Spawn Egg.


Baby Ghasts look exactly like normal Ghasts, but are much smaller in size.


Baby Ghasts will attack the player once they are spawned by the queen. They will shoot fireballs at the player that will set him/her on fire. Baby Ghasts also fly faster than normal Ghasts making them harder to kill.


Due to their low health. (10 health in total). Virtually any weapon can kill them easily. A Bow is recommended when they are flying. While Armor can be useful too for defense against Baby Ghast attacks.


Baby Ghasts when killed, may drop:

  • Gunpowder


  • Baby Ghasts may be obtained through the Special Mobs Mod.
  • Baby Ghasts will automatically spawn in a group of three when the queen dies.

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