Baby Mobs are the baby types of mobs. These are the baby mobs that exist in minecraft.


Baby Mobs can spawn naturally. A baby mob can also be spawned when the adults breed, or they can also be spawned with a spawn egg.


  • Baby pigs/cows/chickens/sheep/mooshrooms when killed, they do not drop anything unlike adults.
  • Baby Sheep cannot be sheared.
  • Baby Mooshroom cannot be sheared, but they can be milked.
  • Baby Zombies and zombie pigmen have very low chances to spawn naturally.
  • Baby zombies and zombie pigmen can be spawned with armor or a tool.
  • Baby Zombie Pigmen have low chances to spawn with an enchanted gold sword, like adult Zombie Pigmen.
  • Baby Zombie/Zombie Pigman/Zombie Villager do not burn in sunlight.
  • Baby Ocelots, once tamed, they will turn into baby cats.
  • In PE the first baby mobs were added in Update 0.6.0