Baby Zombie Pigmen are neutral mobs that spawn naturally in the nether. They are smaller variants of Zombie Pigmen, and are faster and more dangerous than them. They only have 5% chance to spawn naturally like Baby Zombies.



Baby Zombie Pigmen spawn naturally in the nether, but they only have 5% chances to spawn. They are usually found near in groups of adult zombie pigmen. The player can also spawn one, with a Zombie Pigman Spawn Egg, but they again have only 5% chance to spawn. Very rarely a baby zombie pigman can be spawned riding a Chicken, creating a Chicken Jockey. They have only 0.5% chances to spawn.


They might be faster and more dangerous, but they have the same life as an adult zombie pigman has, so an iron sword or above would kill them easily. A Wolf would also kill a baby zombie pigman easily. Throwing a potion of slowness at them would make them easier to kill.


Baby Zombie Pigmen, when killed, they drop the same items with adult zombie pigmen. They will also drop experience points.


  • Baby Zombie Pigmen can also spawn wearing armor or a tool.
  • If the player kills an armored baby pigman or holding a tool, it may drop the armor or the tool.
  • Baby Zombie Pigmen along with baby zombies, were added to PE in Update 0.11.0.

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