A Bat
Type Passive
Health 6
Attack Strength None
Drops None
Modded? No

Bats are passive mobs that spawn naturally in the Overworld, but underground. They have the ability to fly, like Ghasts.


Bats spawn naturally in the overworld in caves underground. When spawned using its Spawn Egg on a block, it automatically hangs upside down.


During sunlight, bats will go to a block and sleep on it. Once the player approaches them, they will wake up and fly away. They cannot hold up in non-solid blocks.


  • Bats do not drop anything when killed.
  • Bats are one of the three smallest mobs, the other two being the Silverfish and the Endermite.
  • Bats have more health points than Chickens.
  • Bats cannot hurt the player at all.