Big Ears are hostile mobs that can only be obtained by mods. They are tamable mobs, that will attack the player if not tamed.


Big ears attack at the player when they are not tamed and deal two damage. When they are hostile, their mouth and eyes are red.


Big ears require gold ingots in order to be tamed. The player must tap a big ear with a gold ingot for a few times so it can get tamed. When tamed, they will no longer attack the player and their face will be either green or yellow.


An iron sword or above would kill them easily (as hostile). Armor is recommended for combat as well.


  • They can be obtained by the Weird Mobs Mod.
  • Big ears have 20 hit-points.
  • They will attack the player if provoked, even if they are tamed.
  • When killed, they do not drop anything.

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