Blaze Master
A Blaze Master
Type Hostile
Health 500 HP
Attack Strength ??
Drops 0-1 Blaze Rod
Modded? Yes

Blaze Masters are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They share many similarities to normal Blazes, but have much more health.


Blaze Masters spawn naturally in the Nether dimension and can be spawned with a Blaze Master Spawn Egg.


Blaze Masters attack the same way as normal Blazes do. They shoot fireballs at the player which will set him/her on fire. They will also effect him/her with the Hunger Status Effect, making them even more dangerous to fight. Blaze Masters can also hover like Blazes, making them harder to fight too. Their fireballs will set on fire or explode nearby blocks.


An enchanted or modded Bow is recommended to fight Blaze Masters as they have extremely high health. (500 health points). Armor is also recommended too, as it will aid in defending the player against any damage taken.


Blaze Masters will drop 1 Blaze Rod and Experience Points when killed.


  • Blaze Masters can be obtained through the Kwasti Bust Monsters Mod.
  • It is currently the mob with the highest health in the mod.