Chickens are passive mobs that spawn naturally in the Overworld.



Chickens walk randomly around the world and lay eggs after 10 minutes. If the player drops the egg there are chances to spawn a baby chicken. Chickens have only 2 life points, so they can be killed very easily.

Chicken Jockeys

There are very small chances for a baby Zombie or Pigman to spawn riding a chicken creating a Chicken Jockey. However, if a chicken is near the chances will be increased.


Chickens when killed they drop 0-1 raw chicken and 1-2 feathers. If the player sets the chicken on fire it will drop cooked chicken instead of raw.


Chicken can breed using any type of seeds. If the player feeds with seeds the chicken, it will enter in love mode and if it does it to another chicken too, they will breed and make a baby chicken.


  • Chicken has the least amount of hitpoints in Minecraft.
  • Chickens will follow the player if he/she holds seeds.
  • Even a wooden sword can kill the chicken with one single hit.
  • If you throw an egg you got from a chicken, it may spawn a baby chicken.

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