Type Passive
Health 8
Drops See Drops
Modded? No

Cows are passive mobs that spawn naturally in the Overworld. They can be milked using a Bucket.


Adult Cow's AI:

  • Adult Cows walk randomly around the world. When they get damaged by the player, they make a screaming cow sound and run randomly away from the player.

Baby Cow's Al:

  • Baby Cows follow their parents everywhere they go. When they get damaged by the player, they randomly run away from the player. When killed, they will not drop anything.


Cows can breed with Wheat. If the player feeds the Cow Wheat, it will enter in love mode and if it does it into a different Cow too, they will breed and make a Baby Cow.


Leather Raw Beef Steak



Raw Beef




Note: The player can get Steak only if the Cow is on fire.

Useful For



The player can milk a Cow using a Bucket.


  • Raw Beef can be cooked in a Furnace and become Steak.
  • The Leather that a Cow drop can be used to craft Leather Armor. Also, leather is needed to craft books.
  • There is a variant of Cow that's called a Mooshroom. It can be Milked like normal Cows and sheared by using Shears. When sheared they will drop Mushrooms and become normal Cows. These will drop at least 4-5 mushrooms.

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