Not to be confused with Hermit Crabs.

1955693 orig
A Crab
Type Passive
Health 5 HP
Attack Strength ??
Drops 0-? Raw Crab
Modded? Yes

Crabs are passive mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They have 5 hearts of health.

Note: The information based here is from the LotsOMobs Mod.


Crabs spawn in Tropical Beaches, and can live in water. They can also be spawned through the Crab Spawn Egg.


Crabs will drop Raw Crab when killed.

Hermit Crabs

Even though Crabs have shells, when provoked they will never hide. Hermit Crabs can hide in their shells when attacked. So Crabs do not have a self-defense mechanism through their shells. Unlike Hermit Crabs.

Images (42)

The crab in AtmosMobs Mod.


  • Crabs can only be obtained through the LotsOMobs Mod.
  • Crabs are also available in the AtmosMobs Mod and OceanCraft Mod, but with different sizes, variants, and textures.

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