Crypt Zombie
Crypt zombie
Crypt Zombie
Type Hostile
Health 30 HP
Attack Strength 2
Drops N/A
Modded? Yes

Crypt Zombies are mobs that can only be obtained through mods.


Crypt Zombies spawn naturally in Desert Biomes. But can also be spawned with a Crypt Zombie Spawn Egg.


Crypt Zombies are weak due to their low attack strength. (1-2 damage to unarmed players). However, when attacking the player, they will effect him/her with the Hunger Status Effect. Similar to Husks.


An Iron Sword or above with Knockback is recommended, while a Bow would work well too. It is recommended to bring extra food in case the player receives the Hunger Effect from a Crypt Zombie. If hit, it is advised to stay in position to avoid the Hunger Effect taking a heavy toll on the player's hunger level.


  • When killed, they do not drop anything.
  • Crypt Zombies have 10 more health points than Zombies. (30 health points in total).