Derpollolus Squid Overlord
Squid overlord
A squid overlord
Type Hostile
Health 600
Attack Strength 0 (use of the mild explosive squids)
Drops Ultimate Squid Blade
Modded? yes (Derpy Squid Mod)

The Derpollolus Squid Overlord is a boss mob that can be obtained only by mods. It is a big mob with very high health.


The squid overlord has 6 legs and 2 big hands. It has a big body and face with red eyes and an open mouth with 11 teeth.


It doesn't have a spawn egg. However it can be spawned with another way.

How to spawn it

  • 1: The player must go into the squid dimension and get up to the tower. The tower is made out of stone blocks. Only at the center, there are some different blocks that are used to spawn the boss.
    End block
  • 2: When the player gets to these blocks, he/she must place a golden block of squidness at the top, so the boss can be summoned.


Squid overlord when it sees the player, it will quickly fly over him/her to attack. It will not attack by its hands, but it will start dropping Mild Explosive Squids that will explode and damage the player.


Modded weapons or weapons with good enchantments are required to fight the squid overlord. Armor with blast protection is required too. Due to its very high life (600 life), potions of harming are recommended too. To damage it, the player must go under it and hit it, as it cannot be damaged by hitting it on its legs, hands etc. A bow is also recommended as it would be better not to be close to the boss. When its life is about 250-230, it will spawn a shield that will protect it from bows. It also regenerates 1 health every second.


The squid overlord when killed, it will drop an ultimate derp squid blade.


  • It can be obtained by the Derpy Squid Mod.

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