Diamond Heart Golem
Type Utility
Health 200
Attack Strength 10
Drops 3 iron ingots, 4 poppies
Modded? yes (Monster Evolution Mod)

Diamond Heart Golems are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They are stronger than Iron Golems and have more life.


Diamond heart golems look exactly like iron golems, except that they have a diamond heart on their body. Their eyes are also blue instead of red.



To spawn a diamond heart golem the player will need the following items:

  • 1 Diamond Iron Block (Modded Block)
  • 1 Redstonid Pumpkin (Modded Block)
  • 3 Blocks Of Iron

How To Create it

To create it the player must place the 3 blocks of iron in a t-shape and place the diamond iron block in the middle. Then the player must place on the top of the diamond iron the redstonid pumpkin.


  • The redstonid pumpkin must be placed last to create the golem.
  • Diamond Heart Golems also do have a spawn egg so they can also be spawned from that.


Diamond heart golems can be very useful, as they will defend the player and attack hostile mobs such as zombies. Indeed, they have double the health of iron golems (200 life) and deal more damage. They also do not move their hands when they attack.


Diamond Heart Golems will drop 3 iron ingots and 4 poppies when killed.


  • The mob can be obtained through the Monster Evolution Mod.
  • When they run, they do not move their hands.
    • Occasionally, they do not move their hands at all but can still damage mobs.
  • They can kill Nuclear Creepers easily, but since their explosion is really big, they will possibly die if they're near during the explosion.

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