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Donkeys are passive mobs that can be ridden.They can be spawned with a Horse Spawn Egg and are tamable. They spawn naturally in survival in the plains biomes, along with horses as well. They are one of the four mobs that can be ridden. The other three are Horses, Pigs, and Mules


Donkeys are like grey horses that can be naturally found or spawned with a Horse Spawn Egg. They half two rabbit ears and are smaller than horses are.


Just like horses, the player must tame a donkey before riding it. If the player attempts to ride a donkey without a saddle, the donkey will wander around, and the player will not be able to control its movements. If the player wants to control the donkey, a saddle will have to be put on the donkey first.


Like horses, donkeys can be tamed by right clicking on them with a hand that isn't carrying anything. Once on the donkey, it will attempt to throw the player off of it. After about 10 attempts, hearts will start emitting and the player will no longer be bucked off.


Unlike horses, donkeys can't have armor put on. They can carry stuff for the player though, making them useful if the player's inventory is full.


  • Donkeys can't wear armor, but horses can't carry armor for the player either.
  • Donkeys are generally smaller than horses.
  • Donkeys are generally slower than horses.
  • In Console edition, there are donkey spawn eggs.