Earth Wither
Earth wither
An earth wither
Type Boss/Hostile
Health 1500
Attack Strength 15
Modded? Yes (Mo' Wither Mod)

Earth Withers are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They are bosses that fly very slowly in the air, but have high health and damage.


Earth Withers have the same height and body like normal Withers, but have dark brown skin. They create dirt particles upon movement.


To spawn an Earth Wither, the player must first craft a Wither Sculpture. Then, to summon the statue, it will require a few items just like all the other withers in this mod. The required items are:

  • Stick
  • Raw Potato
  • Enchanted Book
  • Nether Star

The player must first right click the statue with the Stick. Then with the Raw Potato and the Enchanted Book and finally the Nether Star.


Earth Withers shoot Wither Skulls at the player just like the normal Wither. However, the Earth Wither's Wither Skulls will transform any block to dirt upon impact, unlike that of the normal Wither. The Earth Wither's Wither Skulls will also apply the Wither Status Effect to the player.


A modded Sword and or Enchanted Diamond Sword with Armor is recommended to fight an Earth Wither. A Bow is also recommended as the Earth Wither will be flying. If the weather is rainy, then the Earth Wither will fall to the ground, making it easier to kill. However, when on ground, Earth Withers will also regenerate health. Therefore Golden Apples and Potions may be helpful during the fight.


  • Earth Withers can be obtained through the Mo' Withers Mod.
  • Wither Skulls turn into dirt, when they touch entities too.

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