The Ender Lord is a mob that can be only obtained through mods.

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The Ender Lord shares many similarities to the Enderman in appearance. Excluding the fact it is grey and has a black cape. Unlike Endermen, they hold a weapon called the "Ender Staff".


Ender Lords turn hostile and teleport at the player to attack once they have spotted the player. They will also attack with their Ender Staff.


Diamond Armor and a Diamond Sword is recommended to fight the Ender Lord, as it can make the player deal 4 hitpoints with a single hit if they are wearing Diamond Armor. A Bow is not recommended as the Ender Lord will teleport away from any fired Arrows.

The player should stay inside or near water when fighting the Ender Lord, as the Ender Lord can be damaged by water like Endermen. However, they can remain in water for longer than Endermen as they have more health points.


The Ender Lord drops 1-2 Sacred Eyes and an Ender Staff when killed.


  • The spawn egg can be obtained, by the Legendary Beasts mod.
  • It has the same health points as the Wither, (300 health points in total).