Ender Minions are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They are neutral mobs that can be tamed.


Ender Minions can be tamed. To tame one, it requires apples. The player must tap the ender minion with an apple and then it will be tamed.

  • The player can check its health by tapping it with a paper.
  • It can regenerate health, by feeding it with an apple again.
  • It will follow the player or stay at a place by tapping it with the hand.
  • The player can give a sword at the ender minion by tapping it with a sword (any kind).


Ender Minions, when killed, do not drop anything. However, if they hold a sword they will drop it if killed.

Golden Apples

Ender minions can also be fed with golden apples. Then they will get the following effects:

  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Resistance
  • Speed
  • Health Boost


  • If not tamed and provoked, it will attack the player.