An Endermite
Type Hostile
Health 8
Attack Strength 2
Drops Nothing
Modded? No
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The original model of the Endermite.

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Endermites are Hostile Mobs that have a 5% chance to spawn when the Player shoots an Ender Pearl. They were added in the MCPC 1.8 Update.


Endermites are currently the smallest mobs in Minecraft. They look almost identical to Silverfish, but they are smaller and is purple.


Endermites can spot the player from 16 blocks away and will attack him/her. They will despawn after a few minutes if the player moves too far, but they will never despawn if named. When named they will only despawn, when killed or set the difficulty on easy.


Due to their low life (8 health points), endermites can be easily killed with wooden sword (4 hits) or above.


Endermen will attack every nearby endermite, if the player is not close. However, when the player approaches them, they will attack at the player, instead of the endermite.


  • They might have a name that reminds a mob that spawns at the end, but they can be only spawned when an ender pearl has landed onto the ground.
  • They do not drop anything, but 3 experience points.
  • Before 1.8 was released, Endermites used to have a chance of spawning when Endermen teleported.
  • Because of thier small size, they will suffrocate in Soul Sand.