Friendly Wither
A friendly wither
Type Neutral
Health 300
Attack Strength 8
Modded? Yes (Mo' Withers Mod)

Friendly Withers are passive mobs that can be obtained through the Mo' Withers Mod. If you're looking for the April Fool's Joke click here.. They are a "friendly" type of boss that attack hostile mobs.


Friendly withers look exactly like the Wither Boss and have the same particles effects. The only difference is that they have happy faces.


To spawn a friendly wither, the player must first craft a wither sculpture. Then, to summon the statue, it will require a few items just like all the other withers in this mod. These items are:

  • Apple
  • Banner (any colour)
  • Enchanted book
  • Nether star

The player must right click the statue with the apple first, then with the banner, then with the enchanted book, and finally with the nether star.


Friendly withers protect the player by attacking hostile mobs and the other withers from the mod, too. They attack shooting heads like the wither. Their heads will also destroy blocks.


  • Friendly Withers can be obtained by the Mo' Withers Mod.
  • Friendly Withers have been implenented in the game twice as an April Fool's Joke
  • It has the same health as the wither (300 health).
    • It has the same speed as the wither.