Ghasts (MCSM) are hostile mobs that first appeared on Minecraft Story Mode (MCSM) in episode 1.

Ghast MCSM


Episode 1

  • After Jesse saves Reuben from the Skeleton at the Nether, three Ghasts appear and attack them. The first shoots fireballs at Jesse and the player must reflect it back to kill it. Then the other two Ghasts attack and Jesse must reflect their fireballs again.

Episode 2

  • While Jesse and Axel go to find Magnus and pass through the Nether, a Ghast appears again and shoot fireballs at them and destroys their Minecart. Then Jesse has to avoid its attacks and pick the right weapon to kill the ghast. If the player chooses the Fishing Rod, it will push the Ghast to Jesse and the player will kill it with the Gold Sword. If the player chooses the bow, he/she will shoot the ghast with it. The third option is to reflect the fireballs back to the ghast with a sword.

Episode 5

  • Ghasts are spawned by the Blaze rods (along with other hostile mobs) to destroy Sky city. While Jesse and Isa try to get inside the city again, a ghast appears and shoots a fireball to Jesse. Later another Ghast shoots a fireball to Jesse who avoids it. Right after that 3 other ghasts appear and shoot at the same time 3 fireballs to Jesse, but Ivor saves him/her. Later a ghast attacks random people and Isa kills it. Finally when all the people try to escape from the city through the waterfall, a ghast shoots a fireball and hits a person which probably killed him.


  • When they die, they make the same shrieks as regular Ghasts.

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