Giants are hostile mobs that can only be spawned with the /summon command (after the 1.7 update). They look just like Zombies, but are bigger in size. At the beginning of Minecraft, Giants were coded into the game, but removed later on. However, they may still be obtained through commands and mods.



They attack just like Zombies (by moving their arms). They deal 26 damage to unarmored players and have 100 health.


Diamond Armor and a Diamond Sword is recommended to fight Giant Zombies. While a Bow may also be recommended as it can work better than a Sword in some cases. Potions of Healing/Harming, Regeneration/Strength, Health Boost, etc. can be very useful too.


Giants spawned with the /summon command in 1.8 and above will do nothing. But will just stand still and will not attack the player. However, they can be killed by the player. And with the usage of mods, Can be made to move, attack, etc.


  • When killed, Giants only drop 5 Experience Points.
  • Giants will not spawn wearing armor or holding a tool.
  • Giants could not be spawned before 1.7.2, as the /summon command was not yet implemented.
  • Giants can be spawned in Xbox/PS too, but only with mods.
  • It is recommended for the player to have the difficulty set to Easy when fighting Giant Zombies, as they deal 50 damage in Normal Mode and 75 in Hard Mode. (To unarmored players).
  • Giants can ride Minecarts.
  • Giants can be spawned with items using the /summon command.