A human
Type Hostile
Health 20
Attack Strength Easy: 0,5, Medium: 1, Hard: 1,5
Drops N/A
Modded? Currently no (yes only until 1.8 beta)

Humans are hostile mobs that were removed from the game. They look exactly like the default Steve skin.


Humans could be spawned by pressing G in Classic Mode. After this feature was removed, they could only be obtained by mods or map editors. However, after 1.8 beta, Humans were completely unobtainable as they could not be obtained by mods and map editors anymore.


Humans could attack the player with their hands. Dealing half a heart of damage. Humans did not move their hands to attack the player, and chased the player like a Zombie. They walked around aimlessly and could not break or place blocks. Another strange thing about humans is that they were only affected by solid blocks and not fluid (e.g. water) so they could walk on them normally.


An Iron Sword or above would kill Humans easily. (Only in Classic Mode). Humans had the same amount of lives as the player, which is 20 health points.


  • Humans were added on rd-132328.
    • The feature of spawning Humans with G was removed in 0.0.15a.
  • In the zombie town game which was made by Notch, humans are appeared to walk randomly on an empty world.
  • If the player tries to spawn a Human after 1.8 beta, the mob will not spawn.
  • Humans were also named Monsters.
  • Humans are also a type of clones.

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