A Husk
Type Hostile
Health 20
Attack Strength Easy: 2

Medium: 3 Hard: 4

Drops 0-2 Rotten Flesh, 0-1 Carrot, 0-1 Potato, 0-1 Iron Ingot
Modded? No

Husks are mobs that were added to MCPE in 0.15.0 and PC in 1.10. They are a variant of Zombies, but they do not burn in sunlight.


They have the same height and build as Zombies, but they have yellow clothes and dark pants. They have a dark green skin.


Husks spawn naturally in Desert biomes. They can also be spawned by a Husk Spawn Egg.


Husks attack the same way as Zombies do. They also apply the Hunger status effect to the player.


Husks have the same amount of health as Zombies, so they can be easily killed with an Iron Sword or above. A Bow would be useful too to prevent getting the Hunger effect.


Husks, when killed, may drop

  • 0-2 Rotten Flesh
  • 0-1 Carrot
  • 0-1 Potato
  • 0-1 Iron Ingots 5/100


  • Baby Husks have also a very small chance to spawn.
    • Also Chickens being ridden by baby Husks can spawn too (Chicken Jockey).
  • Husks, like Zombies, will attack Villagers.
  • They cannot break Doors like Zombies.

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