Invincible Witches are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They appear like normal Witches, but instead have a red robe and are more dangerous.


Invincible Witches attack the player by throwing the exact potions the witch drops. But it can drop them much faster, and can easily kill the player if the player isn't wearing armor, making them very dangerous.


Diamond Armor is recommended to fight Invincible Witches, while an iron sword or above would easily kill them as they only have 26 hit-points. However, it is recommended to use a potion of regeneration or strength, or eat a golden/enchanted golden apple before fighting them. As they can easily kill the player, even if wearing diamond armor.


Invincible Witches may drop the following when killed:

  • Redstone Dust
  • Spider Eye
  • Sugar
  • Glowstone Dust


  • This mob can be obtained through the Monster Evolution Mod.
  • They also push the player by throwing potions, making them harder to fight.
  • They can also heal themselves by drinking a potion of regeneration.

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