King Ghast
King ghast
A King Ghast
Type Hostile
Health 40
Attack Strength 2
Drops Gunpowder, Ghast Tears, Gold Ingots
Modded? yes (Special Mobs Mod)

King Ghasts are hostile mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They are the same size and perform the same attacks as normal Ghasts, but are a different color.


King Ghasts have are the same size as normal Ghasts, but are grey and yellow instead of white.


King Ghasts can be found spawning naturally in the Nether dimension, or by using the King Ghast Spawn Egg.


King Ghasts attack the player by shooting fireballs at him/her. The fireballs will damage the player and destroy nearby blocks and set them on fire. King Ghasts will also regenerate 1 health every second, making them challenging to kill.


A Bow is required to fight King Ghasts, while an Iron or Diamond Sword is recommended too due to their medium health. (40 health in total). Armor is also recommended too as it will aid in protecting the player from taking the full damage of a King Ghast attack.


King Ghasts when killed, may drop:

  • Ghast Tear
  • Gunpowder
  • Gold Ingot


  • King Ghasts may be obtained through the Special Mobs Mod.

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