The Shulker Mod (MCPE) is a mod that brings to mcpe the Shulker mob (looks like PC 1.9). This mod is perfect for players who cannot wait untill shulker is added to mcpe. However, it is not the exact copy of the shulker.

Spawn Egg

Since it is a mod, the spawn egg does not look the same with the real shulker spawn egg. It looks kinda like the Chicken Spawn Egg, but it spawns a shulker. It can be spawned by tapping it on the ground.

When Spawned

When the player touches the spawn egg, it will say in capital words "THE SHULKER (OPEN)" in yellow words. When the player spawns one, it will appear on his/her screen "The Shulker This Is Spawned" in yellow words.


The shulker will not attack the player until provoked. When provoked, it will effect the player with the levitation effect (not added to mcpe) and the blindness effect for about 5-6 seconds. It damages the player one and a half life.


  • When killed, it does not drop anything.
  • The mod makes the shulker in mcpe being neutral until provoked.
  • This mod is currently only for version 0.12.1.
  • When the player is effected, it will not show the levitation effect since it's not added yet.