The Wither Boss Mod is a mod that brings to MCPE the Wither Boss. It looks smaller than the actual Wither and does not show its two faces, but only one. This is most likely a glitch.



To spawn a Wither the player will need four blocks of Soul Sand and a Pumpkin to place on the top of the middle Soul Sand block. However, before 0.12.1 Soul Sand wasn't implemented. So the player could craft Soul Sand with 9 Dirt blocks instead. With with the mod active.


When spawned it will make an explosion that damages the player and destroys nearby blocks, like the actual Wither. It will begin attacking the player by firing Wither Skulls at the player. It will then affect the player with the Wither Status Effect.


A Bow is recommended and or Iron or Diamond Sword when fighting the Wither. However, the Wither will not show it's shield againist Bows, making it easier to kill with a Bow instead of Sword. Armor is also recommended as it will aid in protecting the player against taken damage.


The Wither, in this mod, does not drop Nether Stars, as Mojang had not yet implemented Nether Stars into MCPE. And also, because the Wither and it's drops were not fully implemented into the code of MCPE at the time.


  • It fires Wither Skulls slower than the actual Wither boss.
  • When the Wither attacks, it usually avoids facing the player directly.
  • This mod is for Pocket Edition Version 0.10.0 and above.
  • As of Update 0.16.0 for Pocket Edition, this mod is useless as the Wither was added to vanilla gameplay in this version.