The MegaBlock is a mob that can be obtained only through mods. It is a hostile mob and has a shape like a block.



MegaBlock has a shape like a stone block, but it is bigger and darker. It's face also shares similarities to that of the Creepers.


Once spot the player, it will attack him/her. It jumps and attacks like Slimes and Magma Cubes, but it jumps higher. When it jumps, it will make an explosion that will not destroy blocks or hurt the player. It will drop tiny fireballs at the player, which will set him/her on fire. It will also drop tnt, which makes it a very powerful mob.


Armor is required to fight the MegaBlock and a diamond sword as it has 210 health points. However, a bow works better than a sword, as it can jump making it harder to fight with sword.


  • The spawn egg can be obtained through the BossCraft 2 mod.
  • It is a very hard mob to fight, due to its attacks and its high life.