• These rules must be followed by every user in this wiki and whoever breaks a rule will get a warning or a ban.

Vandalism (Section 1)

  • 1.1 | Do NOT vandalize pages, ie adding false info, stupid things, etc. If someone does that, a warning  will be sent on his/her message wall and if continues, he/she will get a ban.

Language (Section 2)

  • Flaming is also not allowed and the user who posted the comment will get a warning.

Mini-Modding (Section 3)

  • 3.1 | Users who are not staff are not allowed to warn the other users. Instead of that, users can simply contact an admin or crat and report the problem and then we will send a warning by ourselves. People who mini-mod will recieve a warning on his/her message wall.

Pages (Section 4)

  • 4.1 | This wiki is about all minecraft mobs which means that an unrelated-with-mobs page will be deleted (for example: a person creates a page about redstone). The page will be deleted as it is not related with mobs and the user who created it will get a warning.

Spamming (Section 5)

  •  5.1 | Spamming in another user's message wall or somewhere else will consist in a warning and if the user continues it, he/she will be blocked.
  • 5.2 | Users must not necrobump. If a user exceeds 20 necroposts in their record, they will recieve a 2-day block.

Admin Ban Standards

Please Refer to Admin Ban Standards.

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