Mutant Creepers are mobs that can only be obtained through mods.

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Mutant Creepers attack at the player with their head, since they do not have arms. Unike all other mutant mobs, they deal low damage (4 damage to unarmed players). But deal high damage when jumping and attacking the player. Also, unlike Creepers, they do not explode, but when killed, make an explosion that can kill the player if he/she is close by.


Due to their low health, (120 health in total), they can be easily killed with a Diamond Sword. However, the player must wear Armor too, as some of the Mutant Creeper's attacks can deal very high damage to unarmed players. A Bow can work better than a Sword when fighting a Mutant Creeper, as the player can keep distance from the mob itself and avoid taking damage.


Mutant Creepers, when killed, do not drop anything. However, upon death, they will release a Mutant Creeper Spawn Egg.


  • Mutant Creepers are the second weakest mutant mob, the other being the Mutant Snow Golem.
  • Sometimes, Mutant Creepers have a chance to spawn Mini Creepers to attack the player.