Mutant Enderman
Mutant enderman
Type Hostile
Health 200
Attack Strength Max 8
Drops See Drops
Modded? Yes (Mutant Creatures Mod)

Mutant Endermen are mobs that can be only obtained through mods.


Mutant Endermen attack the player using their four hands. Unlike Endermen, they can be hurt with Bows. They sometimes teleport, before the player attacks them and can also hold 4 blocks instead of 1.

They can throw the blocks at the player, to damage the player. If they kill the player, they will imediately place the blocks.

Sometimes Mutant Enderman splits into endermen shadows, to confuse the player and after a few seconds it turns back to its self and attacks him/her.

It can also make a scream attack that damages the player and can also cause a Poison/Hunger/Weakness effect.


When the player kills the Mutant Enderman, it starts destroying its self and damages the player if he/she is near, so the player must run away when he/she kills it.


A Diamond Sword and armor are required to fight the Mutant Enderman, as it had very high health (200 health points). However, since they will not teleport, a Bow would work better to fight them. Potions like Regeneration, Strength, Splash Potion of Instant Damage/Health can be very useful.

It is also recommended for the player to have a Milk Bucket, so the player won't get poisoned. A Golden Apple can also be useful.


Ender Pearl Leather Eye of Ender Feather

Ender Pearls




Eye of Ender





  • The spawn egg can be obtained from Mutant Creatures mod.
  • Mutant enderman has more health points than all the other mutant creatures.
  • When they see the player, they cause him/her the blindness effect, making them very dangerous.