Mutant Skeletons are mobs that can be spawned only through mods. They attack with a bow like Skeletons.



Mutant skeletons attack at the player by shooting him/her with its bow. Like Mutant Zombies, they jump high towards the player, when he/she runs away. When they jump, they shoot a bunch of arrows that damages 15 life at non-armed players, making them very dangerous. They can also attack with their bow, but not shooting with it. Their bow, unlike player's, can damage the player like a diamond sword.


Armor is required to fight the Mutant Skeleton, as it can deal 15 damage with its multiply arrows at non-armed players. An iron or a diamond sword is also required for the fight, as it has 150 health points. However, a bow would work better to fight mutant skeletons. Potions like regeneration or instant health/damage, are useful too.


  • The spawn egg can be obtained, by Mutant Creatures mod.
  • When killed, they do not drop anything.
  • When the player kills the mutant skeleton, it will make a dying animation that gets destroyed and breaks into small peices.