Mutant Snow Golems are mobs that can be obtained only through mods.

Dlol golem

Defense against hostile mobs

Mutant snow golem, unlike all the other mutant creatures, it will attack at hostile mobs to protect the player. Unlike normal Snow Golems, it can damage hostile mobs, making it a very good defense.


Mutant snow golems do not drop snowballs. They drop giant ice blocks at the hostile mobs that damage them. If hurt, they can be healed by dropping at them snowballs.


Mutant snow golems, when killed, they drop 40-50 snowballs.


  • The spawn egg can be obtained, by mutant creatures mod.
  • Snow Golems have the least life from all the other mutant creatures (80 health).
  • They leave a snow trail wherever they go.
  • They cannot be hurt by water, as they will turn it into ice if they touch it.