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Ocelots are passive mobs that spawn naturally in Jungle biomes. They can be tamed using Fish. They are the third tamable mob in Minecraft, the other two being the Horse and the Wolf.


Ocelots can be tamed using Fish. Then they will turn into Cats. Unlike Wolves, Ocelots will run away if the player runs towards them, so it would be better to shift when you are walking to them. When the player is holding a fish, the Ocelot will approach the player. When they turn into cats, they won't run away from the player anymore.


Creepers will run away from Ocelots, making them a very good defense against Creepers. Creepers still can blow up if they are too close to the player.


  • Creepers will run away from both Ocelots and Cats.
  • There are three types of cats: Tabby, Tuxedo, and Siamese.
  • They are immune to fall damage and can sprint like Baby Zombies and Baby Villagers.
  • They run away from you like Rabbits.
  • They will not run away if you sneak behind them with a fish in your hand.

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