Parasite Worm
Eroded zombie
Parasite Worms (Alongside An Eroded Zombie)
Type Hostile
Health 8 HP
Attack Strength 0/5
Drops ??
Modded? Yes

Parasite Worms are hostile mobs that can only be obtained through mods.


Parasite Worms will only spawn when the player kills an Eroded Zombie. They spawn in groups of two.


Parasite Worms deal only half a heart of damage to unarmed players. However, they will effect the player with the following effects upon impact.

  • Wither Effect
  • Weakness Effect
  • Poison Effect


Due to their low health, (8 health points in total), virtually any weapon will kill them easily.


  • Parasite Worms do not have a spawn egg.
  • Parasite Worms appear to be inside the body of Eroded Zombies.

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