Pig Mages are mobs that can be only obtained through mods.



Pig Mages look like Villagers, but they have a Zombie Pigman face. They have a purple robe like the priest's robe and have their hands connected. They are like Witches, as they do spells and magics.


Pig mages spawn naturally at the nether at Nether villages (villages are modded). They can also be spawned through a pig mage spawn egg.


Pig Mages will attack the player if provoked. They deal 5-6 damage at non-armed players. They also shoot fireballs which set the player on fire and slowly spawn Wither Skeletons that will attack the player, making them very dangerous.


  • Pig Mages can also effect the player with the nausea status effect for 4-5 seconds.
  • When it spawns the wither skeletons, it will walk away so it can regenerate health.
  • When killed, the wither skeletons will automatically despawn.


Modded weapons or at least a diamond sword are recommended due to its health (250 health points). Armor is also required with potions of harming/healing. Strength/regeneration and fire resistance would also make the fight easier.


Pig Mages may drop a cursed bone when killed.


  • It's zombie pigman head is bigger than the normal.