Not to be confused with Zombie Pigmen.

Pigmen were passive mobs that were added in early versions of Minecraft but removed later. They were like a pig in a humanoid form.


A Minecraft player called Miclee suggested the idea for the Pigman on Notch. To reward him, he gave him a bacon cape. However, Notch was later asked for personal capes by other users. To prevent further commotion, he took away miclee's bacon cape.

Pigmen were supposed to be townspeople in NPC villages. However, they were later replaced by normal Villagers. In a different version, the player could trade with a pigman using rubies, but rubies along with pigmen were removed later.


  • There is actually a pigman skin that can be used until today. It is the exact same skin like actual pigman's.
  • Pigmen have the same height with zombie pigmen, Zombies, Humans and the player.
  • Pigmen can be obtained by mods.
  • the texture file for Pigmen was removed in 1.6.2.

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