Polar Bear
Polar bear
A polar bear
Type Neutral
Health 15
Attack Strength Easy: 4

Medium: 6 Hard: 9

Drops 0-2 fish, 0-2 raw salmon
Modded? No

Polar Bears are neutral mobs that will be added to PC in 1.10. They are big mobs that spawn in snowy biomes.


Polar Bears are passive, except if they have a cub with them. In this case if the player gets too close, the polar bear will attack the player.


Polar bears when killed, they will drop:

  • 0-2 Fish
  • 0-2 Raw Salmon


  • Polar bears will be added in PC in 1.10 and in MCPE possibly in 0.16.0.
  • The cubs will never attack the player.
  • They can swim faster than the player.

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