Type Passive
Health 13
Drops 0-1 apples, 0-1 roses
Modded? Currently yes

Rana was a passive mob that was added in early versions of Minecraft, but was removed later. She was one of the human mobs along with Steve, Black Steve and Beast Boy.


Rana had a green jacket, pink pants, green boots and a frog hat. She and the other human mobs were recreated in a new style for the game. The "styled-NPCs".


Rana and the others (and Humans too), were just moving around with no animations.


Rana, when killed, she may drop 0-1 apples and 0-1 roses. She may sometimes drop nothing.


  • Rana and the others were created by Dock an old Minecraft designer who worked with the developers until 2010 when he quited. When he left, Rana and his other creations were removed from the game.
  • Rana means frog in Latin, Spanish and Italian!
  • She is currently obtainable by mods.

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