150px-Shulker Open
A Shulker
Type Hostile
Health 30
Attack Strength 4
Drops Shulker Shell
Modded? No

Shulkers are hostile mobs that were added in Minecraft 1.9 and Minecraft Pocket Edition 1.0. They spawn naturally in End Cities. End Cities can be found on nearby islands in the End dimension.

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A Shulker has a shell that is shaped like a block. When the Shulker opens its shell, it will reveal a small white cube with eyes.


Shulkers open their shell for at least 3 seconds and once they spot the player (from 16 blocks away), they will shoot 3 Projectiles that will affect the player with the Levitation status effect. The balls can also damage the player. Once the Shulker goes at half of its life, it will have a chance to teleport like Endermen. Once the player hits a Shulker, all the nearby Shulkers will attack the player similar to the behavior of Wolves and Zombie Pigmen.


An Iron Sword or above is recommended to fight the Shulker. However, when they have their shell closed, they receive 20 armor points, making them more difficult to kill. The Shulker will lose its armor points, once it opens its shell, making it easier to kill. Iron armor or above is also recommended, because if the player gets the levitation effect after it finishes, he/she will fall and die if not wearing armor.


  • They drop Shulker Shells which can be crafted with a chest to make a Sulker Chest(Minecraft PC)
  • Their fireballs can be destroyed by attacking them.