Skeleton Druids are mobs that can be obtained only through mods.



Skeleton Druids appear wearing a green dress that looks like a dress made from vines. They have a necklace at their dress and a wreath at their head. They have the same size like Skeletons.


They can be spawned with a Skeleton Druid spawn egg.

They can also spawn naturally in a small house inside the forest, made out of mossy cobblestone and wooden planks.


Skeleton Druids do not hold a bow like normal Skeletons. They hold a gold hoe that deals 2 damage to non-armed players. The hoe shoots a ball that damages the player.


An iron sword or above would kill easily a skeleton druid. However, a bow would be better than the sword. Armor is not required for this battle, as Skeleton Druids deal only 2 damage.


  • They do not drop anything when killed.
  • They have the same life as skeletons have (20 health points).