Skeleton Majors are mobs that can only be obtained through mods. They look similar to Skeletons, but are a different color and have a different facial appearance.



Skeleton Majors hold a Bow like normal Skeletons and use it to attack the player. This deals the same damage as a normal Skeleton attack does.


An Iron Sword or above and Armor is recommended due to their medium health. (40 health points in total). However, a Bow may be a useful alternative as well. 


Skeleton Majors are more dangerous when the player hits them, as Silverfish will spawn and attack the player afterwards.

After Death

When the player kills a Skeleton Major, a group of normal Skeletons will then spawn and attack the player.


Skeleton Majors, when killed, may drop 2 Bones and 1 Arrow. They may also drop 1 Enchanted Chainmail Helmet.