Spider Jockeys are hostile mobs that have only 1% to spawn naturally. Spider Jockeys are Spiders being ridden by Skeletons.


Spider Jockeys spawn naturally in the Overworld, but they only have 1% chance to spawn. They also have very small chances to be spawned with a Spider Spawn Egg.


Spider Jockeys attack at the player by shooting arrows at him/her. The skeleton is shooting the arrows and the spider is moving, but it doesn't attack. Once the skeleton gets killed, the spider will start attacking at the player.


An iron sword or above is recommended to fight spider jockeys. Armor is also recommended. A bow can also work better than a sword.


When the Skeleton dies, it will drop 0-2 Bones and 0-2 Arrows. When the Spider dies it will drop 0-1 Spider Eyes.


  • In PE cave spiders can be spawned ridden by skeletons, creating cave spider jockeys.
  • There is also a variant of spider jockeys called Wither Jockeys. They are spiders being ridden by Wither Skeletons.

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