A Stray
Type Hostile
Health 20
Attack Strength Easy: 1,5

Medium: 2 Hard: 2,5

Drops 0-2 Bones, 0-2 Arrows, Arrow of Slowness
Modded? No

Strays are mobs that were added to MCPC in 1.10 and MCPE in 0.15.0. They are variants of Skeletons.


Strays have the same height and build as Skeletons, but they have ragged clothing and do not have eyes.


Strays spawn naturally in Snowy Biomes, or they can be spawned by a Stray Spawn Egg.


Strays use a bow to attack the Player just like Skeletons. But the difference is that they shoot Tipped Arrows of Slowness which apply the slowness Status Effect to the Player for 30 seconds.


An Iron Sword or above is recommended, or a Bow. Armor is also recommended. A really useful tactic is to fight a Stray behind a tree, wall etc to prevent being hit.


  • Strays have the same AI as skeletons.
  • They can wear armor just like Zombies, Skeletons etc.

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