Thunder Spiders are mobs that are obtained from the Much More Spiders Mod.


Thunder Spiders have the same size like Spiders, but they have a yellow skin and blue eyes. They can also run much faster than spiders.


Once thunder spiders spot the player, they run towards him/her to attack. If they touch the player, they immediately set him/her on fire. They also leave a trail of fire wherever they go. They also have strength, regeneration, and resistance effects, making them very hard to fight.


A diamond sword and armor should be required, due to their high life (230 health points) and their attack strength (25-30 damage at non-armed players). Potions of healing/harming, strength/regeneration or health boost can be useful too.


  • They do not drop anything when killed.
  • They can climb blocks, fences etc. like spiders.