Ur ghast
A ur-ghast
Type Hostile
Health 250
Attack Strength fireball:16 tears:3
Drops experience points
Modded? yes (Twilight Forest Mod)

Ur-Ghasts are mobs that can only be obtained by mods.


Ur-ghasts look like Ghasts, but they have their tentacles waving and are covered with blood. They have bigger size than ghasts and are more dangerous.


Ur-ghasts spawn in Dark Towers in the twilight forests or by a ur-ghast spawn egg.


Ur-ghasts have many different types of attacks. These are:

Shooting Fireballs

Ur-ghasts shoot fireballs just like ghasts. But the difference is that they shoot 5 fireballs at once. The fireballs cannot be reflected back to the monster so this makes it more difficult to face it.

Carminite Ghastlings

Carminite Ghastlings can be spawned by the ur-ghast while it is on tantrum mode. They can also spawn naturally inside dark towers. They attack the player with fireballs, but they can be killed very easily.

Tantrum Mode

Tantrum mode will be activated when ur-ghast reaches low health. When this mode is activated weather changes to rain automatically. Ur-ghasts spawn carminite ghastlings that will attack the player. During tantrum mode it will also regenerate health.


While the "minions" attack the player, the ur-ghast will start "crying" and drop ghast tears that will harm the player.


Modded weapons and armor are recommended to face ur-ghasts, or at least use enchanted diamond armor, sword and bow. The ghast tears will destroy easily the player's armor so it is required to enchant the armor first for better protection. An enchanted bow is recommended to hit it when it is in tantrum mode as the player should not go under the mob to hit it because the ghast tears will damage him/her. Potions of fire resistance are recommended too to avoid getting burned by all this fire on the ground.


When the player kills a ur-ghast a chest will appear which contains:

  • Ur-ghast's fiery blood
  • Carminite
  • A Ur-Ghast Trophy


Ur-ghasts do not drop anything, but many experience points.


  • This mob can be obtained by the Twilight Forest Mod.
  • The tears that ur-ghasts drop are not collectible.
  • It has the same fireball-shooting animation with ghasts.

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