Vest Creeper
Type Hostile
Health 25 health
Attack Strength Exploding
Drops TNT
Modded? Weird Mobs Mob
Vest Creepers are hostile mobs that can be only obtained through mods. They look like normal Creepers, but they have a TNT block on their head.


Vest Creepers attack by exploding at the player. Their explosion is bigger than the creeper's and deals more damage.


Using a bow is the best strategy to fight vest creepers, while an iron or a diamond sword would easily kill them too. Armor is recommended too.


Vest creepers drop TNT when killed.


  • The mob can be obtained through the Weird Mobs Mod.
  • Vest creepers have 25 hit-points.
  • Their explosion is not that big as the Nuclear Creeper's.

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