Type Hostile
Health 14
Attack Strength Easy: 5

Normal: 9

Hard: 13

Drops Iron Sword (Only if the Player's Sword has the looting enchantment.)
Modded? No

Vexes are hostile mobs that can fly and attack the player. They were added in Update 1.10.


The appearance is around the size of a bat. It has gray clothes with light gray skin. It has wings coming out from its sides and has no legs.


The only way vexes can spawn naturally is by the evoker's summoning attack. They spawn in groups from 2 to 4.


Vexes can fly through blocks and will attack by turning red and charging at the player. They are immune to fire and lava.

Vexes summoned by an evoker will eventually take damage until they die. This will not happen if they are spawned with spawn eggs or summoned with commands.

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