Villagers are passive mobs that spawn naturally in NPC villages in the Overworld.They are sometimes


referred to as a Testificate.


  • Villagers can communicate with others by making villager sounds.
  • They can trade with players.
  • They have angry particles when attacked.
  • Villagers will run away from Zombies and will become Zombie Villagers when killed by them.
  • Villagers can open and close doors. They also go inside their houses when it's night.
  • Farmer Villagers can break and plant crops.
  • Villagers can breed and make baby villagers.


Villagers can trade with players. Each villager will trade something depends on its job. For example:

  • Farmer Villagers will trade food like bread, potatoes, carrots etc.
  • Blacksmiths will trade a sword or a kind of weapon.
  • Librarians will trade books or something related to their job.
  • Butchers will trade meat like raw beef, raw porkchop etc.

Each trade will require a specific amount of emeralds. You can also trade items for emeralds as well.

Baby Villagers

Baby Villagers are baby mobs that spawn in NPC Villages. They can also be spawned when two adult villagers breed. Then they make a baby villager. After 20 minutes the baby will turn into an adult villager. They can sprint like other baby mobs and Ocelots.


Each villager has it's own job. The player can understand their jobs, by their robes.

  • Farmers: They have brown robes and live in small houses near farms.
  • Butchers: They have brown robes with a white apron. They live in butcher shops.
  • Blacksmiths: They have a brown robe with a black apron. They live into forges.
  • Priests: They have purple robes and live inside cobblestone churches.
  • Librarians: They have a white robe and live inside libraries.


  • Iron Golems protect villagers from hostile mobs. However, if the player hits a Villager the Iron Golem will attack the player too. Unless it's created by the player.
  • Villages were first called "Testificates".
  • Baby Villagers can go under one block spaces, like cave spiders.
  • In the early versions of Minecraft, villagers had an angry face when being hurt. However, this was removed.