A Witch
Type Hostile
Health 26
Drops See Drops
Modded? No
Maxresdefault (4)

Witches are hostile mobs that attack the player when provoked.


Witches have a dark purple-green robe with a pointy black hat on their head. Their faces are just like that of Villagers. Instead they have a pimple on their nose and purple eyes.


Witches spawn naturally in the Overworld, in Witch huts. They can also be spawned through a Witch Spawm Egg.

Witches also spawn when lightning hits a Villager. Once lightning has struck a Villager, it will then transform into a witch.


Witches, when close, will throw splash potions at the player. These splash potions can be:

  • Potion of slowness (when the player is 8 blocks away).
  • Potion of poison (when the player's health is 8 and under).
  • Potion of weakness (when the player is 3 blocks away).
  • Potion of harming.


Witches cannot only throw potions at the player, but can also drink some of them for defense which makes them harder to fight.

  • When damaged, there is a very small chance they will drink a potion of healing.
  • When underwater, there is a small chance they will drink a potion of water breathing.
  • When the player is 11 blocks away or above, there is a very high chance they will drink a potion of swiftness (speed).
  • When set on fire, there is a small chance they will drink a potion of fire resistance.


Due to the witch's extensive use of potions, many combat strategies would unaffect the Witch. For example, death by fire or lava is impossible, since the Witch will use Potions of Fire Resistance. Other tactics, like drowning, are also impossible, due to the fact the Witch will drink a Potion of Water Breathing to avoid it. The best way to kill a Witch, is either with a bow or iron or diamond sword. However, it is still challenging, though. Due to the fact Witches are also equipped with Potions of Healing.


Glass Bottle Glowstone Dust Gunpowder item Redstone (Dust)

Glass Bottle

(1/8 Chance)

Glowstone Dust

(1/8 Chance)


(1/8 Chance)


(1/8 Chance)

Sugaricon Spider Eye Stick


(1/8 Chance)

Spider Eye

(1/8 Chance)


(2/8 Chance)


  • Witches can also drop potion of fire resistance/swiftness/healing/water breathing (but only when killed, while drinking them).
  • Witches make 1–3 drops of 0–2 items each, for a maximum of six items total.


  • Baby Villagers will also transform into adult Witches when hit by lightning.
  • Witches drop 5 experience points when killed, either by the player or a tamed wolf.
  • Witches were added to Minecraft Pocket Edition in Update 0.14.0.